April 02, 2020

Fashion Editor for Paper Magazine Kevin Breen reached out to us here at headquarters in San Diego back in Summer of 2018 - He had been working closely with Mickey Boardman (Editorial Director) to develop a special story for the digital July fashion calendar - 100 male models were to be shot over a series of 5 days wearing swimwear so, of course, we jumped right on it! The editorial, styled by Kevin Breen @kpbreen and photographed by Gregory Vaughan @gmvaughan, was featured on Paper Magazine Online. Here are the shots featuring RUFSKIN:

Model Phillip Evelyn II @modello9 wears PARADIS Sunga Swimwear.

David Terzian @davidterzian in JABALI Cheeky Swimwear

Samy @man_the_samm wears HOOK double-buckle swimsuit

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