April 02, 2020

WHAT THE HECK DOES MUCHOCALIFORNIA MEAN? It's what we are calling our new swim groups because we continue to manufacture in California + we photographed our new catalog in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Below is a review of the swim collection written by the designer and photographer, Hubert Pouches.“Let it shine!” Each year we can’t wait to get into our swimwear. MUCHOCALIFORNIA SWIM is our latest, and it is a big one! First of all, why wait?

We even have thongs. DORADO

The whole concept behind this collection was to expand to all types of bodies and every mood someone may feel. The diversity of the cuts and the fabrics are also a new concept. No tricks, no padding, just a variation of technically engineered prints and shapes that allow each one to “let it shine!” Some of the styles are intentionally looser, to keep it “free”. The fabrics are shiny, reflecting the light like a metallic paint job on the hood of a muscle car. As for the custom-engineered prints, nothing is accidental. Strategically placed with a hint of humor and sassiness, each print has their own function. Whether it’s a banana on the front or a peach on the butt, we decided to have some fun while “keeping it classy”. When the art of “trompe l'oeil” serves it’s a function there are no limits.


All printed suits are made of our exclusive custom microfiber that allows us to avoid adding the extra lining. Even some of our solid pieces are single layers because there is nothing wrong in flaunting what is yours! Each print was intentionally built and placed for a reason. The mixture of elements like photography, graphics, animal prints, and denim is at the center of this collection. As Tony Duquette said, “More is More!” So no holding back this year by adding gold and cheetah prints juxtaposed with “bijoux” motifs alongside vintage, colorful Hawaiian florals.


The new “CALKINI” is our most minimal suit one can proudly flaunt, and when it is time to tone it down, our new “str8” cut or trunks will give you enough coverage to hang out with the “in-laws!” After all, life is too short to restrain yourself. You are who you are and there is nothing wrong with showing off. On top of all this, we took a trip to Yucatan, Mexico to photograph the entire swim line. There was no fuss, no all-inclusive resort, just pure natural beauty because this is what it is all about. Time to shine! Disfrutar!

-Hubert Pouches @hubertrufskin owner and designer, RUFSKIN.

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