December 07, 2021

It is so unlike me to have a fresh RUFHOUSE MAGAZINE finished so close to our last issue back in September. I blame it on all the new photographs we have taken since then. Issue 6 volume 3 was supposed to be a supplement to September’s but immediately I noticed there was a torrent of images to use for a new magazine.

I have to be transparent about something though. The theme of this issue is all things sheer since it is a staple component to our current style offerings under our Chic Sheer category on, but I began by spelling it incorrectly. I, of course, spelled it shearwhich with a quick hop over to Webster’s Dictionary I was soon educated on the fact we are not selling cutting instruments or planning on shearing a sheep anytime soon but we are promoting thin, transparent, even diaphanous stretch fabric. Hence our CHIC SHEER capsule; chock full of our infamous bodysuits, jockstraps, harnesses, and lounge pants all draped with sheer stretch tulle was born.

We are so fortunate to have such amazing locations to work in. Our natural surroundings in Southern California are awe-inspiring every time we jump in our van and head out on another adventure. Again, coming at no surprise, The Salton Sea ( Sheer Survivor) with the stunning @Johnny_Bronco87 offered up beauty even though the location is known to be a dying and foul-smelling body of water. We can always squint and hold one eye open so we can see mother nature shine bright by delivering you a handsome sampling of sheer garments and protective gear.

Logan Alan Swiecki-Taylor @lswieckitay once more suited up in our sheer selections but paired them with pants in both denim and stretch tulle offerings. The act of wearing sheer accents like the Drako and Marius bodysuits with jeans...yes the Juka Jeans are back! or any long pants instantly escalate into a dressy factor for holiday parties this season. Also, the cowboy hat can be a nice addition to tag along with as seen in Wild in Westernamong the large desert boulders. But the elegance of Sheer Eye demonstrates how the swankiness of stretch tulle fabrics will drape to the body.

Pallet Power was an accidental photo story. For the longest time, we wanted to find something to pull behind the van that would evoke “movement” with our clothing selections and of course hair blowing in the wind. Done and done! But it turned out to be more of a chore than we first imagined because there were the timing issues and the shouting for ACTION! and injury-prone maneuvers galore. It was fun though, and we got some pretty cool shots. We have a .gif of the moving pallet with Logan riding it like a wild stallion on the RUFSKIN IG page. He is wearing the Streak bodysuit and tons of protective gear because that is what one wears when riding a pallet in the desert!

And let’s say hello to Carlos @awin_3r . A Crush on Carlosis a fitting title for this handsome devil because he demonstrated with his charm and body comme il fautwith provocative rubber, running tights, jeans, and jocks.

Finally, we hope you savor our Rufhouse issue 6 volume 3. We would like to thank the guys that posed for us in front of our lens as well as mother nature for continuing to be a sheerdelight!

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