September 17, 2021

RUFHOUSE MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 went to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico to photograph this issue and were blown away at the beauty. We photographed this year's solid swimwear group in this charming surf town... See Tropic of Color, Wahawka, and Bringing Sand to the Beach to get the scratch and sniff effect.

We also met up with models Aaron Valenzuela, David Miller, Nicholas Wright, Jose Rico, Kurtis Bradford, and of course Rufskin’s own Logan Alan Swiecki Taylor highlighting this years swimwear, sportswear, lounge and denim styles scattered throughout IT’S EXTRA HUGE, THE BIGGEST ISSUE EVER! It’s a larger than usual magazine issue since I let so many stories pile up since our last adventure. Other notable location shoots were done in our backyard playgrounds of the great Coachella Valley area of California. From DIMENSION BLUE using stunning up cycled trash turned art near the Salton Sea, a concrete man made flash flood control basin in NEON SPORT , an early last century outpost in the Wonder Valley area of 29 Palms with RUFBOYS WILL BE RUFBOYS to the eerie but beautiful scenery of the aftermath of a wilderness fire in Pinyon Pines valley, in the Santa Rosa Mountains ( see FINDING BEAUTY AMONG DESTRUCTION). This is our outdoor photo studio and we couldn’t ask for anything better from the great State of California.

If you scroll below you will get a glimpse at some additional images from our trip down south as well as some highlights from some of the photo essays in issue 5! SEE WHOLE SHEBANG OVER YONDER!

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