March 21, 2020

Back in November 2005, RUFSKIN participated in one a fashion show at the infamous nightclub, RICH'S where we were beginning to have annual events showcasing our latest gear we had to offer. It was always a memorable night and the show was not your standard runway experience because most of the time our guys just wanted to go out and show off their incredible bodies, not really being in front of so many people before. Basically, it sometimes ended up being like a striptease where the model would strut out onto the stage, shake their behinds and end up throwing half their outfit into the hungry and jaw-dropping audience members. That year we discovered some stellar men for our show and decided to make posters similar to the kind one would see pasted to the side of building sites in NYC in poses that were synonymous with each of their characteristics. From top to bottom we have Shawn, Mike, Josh, Josh, Jonathan, David, and Charlie.

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