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April 06, 2020

This was a memorable shoot. Why? Because it was the first shoot where we met our muse, Mr. Logan Alan Swiecki-Taylor. @lswieckitay. For those that have been following him since his debut at RUFSKIN, these images were epic for STUDIO RUFSKINand paved the way for future photoshoots in the desert around the Palm Springs area. Later, the RUFHOUSE STUDIOS will be born and the rest is history. In addition to his incredible body and shine bright like a diamond brilliant smile, LOGAN ALAN SWIECKI-TAYLOR'S hair stole the show! Can you spot our FARAH FAWCETT iconic poster look-alike photo? From jewelry, plush toys and poolside fun, LOGAN really captured the true essence of the RUFSKIN man. Which look is your favorite? This is part 1 of 2 posts.

PART 2.0 LOGAN on following blog post