October 05, 2020

Meet José Hernandez @eseveco aka Veco, a freelance model that hails from South Gate in Los Angeles County. Veco loves all things fashion, home decor, antiques, and pop culture, a perfect match up to what we love here at Rufskin Headquarters too. Mustachioed Veco, along with photographer Jeremy Perkins @jarelion fashioned a photo story that demonstrates his talent and hobby for mixing and matching brands.
"I love to create looks with both designer and off brands that I find at thrift stores and estate sales", says Veco. "A lot of my style is influenced by old photos of my dad, uncles, and cousins from the 80's and 90’s”.
What transpired are cool and edgy photos styled after those earlier decades he loves by showing off our new flared Juka Jeans, the low scooped Davis tank top, our new deep v-neck cross tank, and our infamous denim underwear/swimwear, Truxton, We especially love the large straw cowboy hat, a perfect accessory to add to one’s wardrobe, especially here in the long-lasting summers in Southern California!
In addition to his likes, talents, and hobbies, we asked Veco to give us a description of himself and this was his response. “I like to say that I embody the look of a ‘Tio’ (uncle) but with ‘Tia’ (aunt) vibes, intertwining both the masculine and feminine qualities of my culture”.
This is why these images are so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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