April 09, 2020

Now if you know RUFSKIN, you know we don't do seasons. We design and drop new products and lines almost every week. It's a California thing, and not to brag but you can get through the entire year with just a light jacket here in San Diego. But... If we had to call a group F/W, it'd be our new sportswear capsule ULTRASPORT.

With an emphasis on full-body pieces, from singlets and onesies to the unitard, we created a range of essentials for fully-outfitted sport. Created with the male anatomy in mind, this collection's prints are the most significant illustration of RUFSKIN DNA. From carbon fiber backgrounds embellished with Thai boxing accents to neon shock waves and spiraling optical effects, these custom sublimation prints radiate energy and strength. As far as the fabric, custom stretch micro-fiber tricot specially designed for all sport disciplines. An array of multiple textures and materials in solid colors were also essential to complement this line.

Sadly, pool party is season is just about over. Now it's time to get active and work on next year's summer bod. ULTRASPORT is available now at rufskin.com

Discover the ULTRASPORT Lookbook


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