January 12, 2021

An introduction note about the 2021 Winter Magazine RUFHOUSE issue 4 volume 3.

Every new year we begin to create in our minds the scrutinized list of resolutions that we will promise ourselves to stick to from now until eternity! (Or at least for January.) Be it to drink less or get back “in shape”, we strive to be ready for our summer bodies to make a grand re-entrance on the beach or when we drop our towel and dive into the pool. Or perhaps it is mental growths like meditation to assist us in being less stressed and burdened about pursuing the “perfect body” and accept a more humanitarian attitude by lending our ears and talents to those that can use an extra hand. Whatever your resolutions, RUFHOUSE MAG issue 4, volume iii attempts at showcasing their current style directions with photographic essays that hopefully carry the mind towards a more positive destination. Neon colors can be like candy for the eyes, so RUFSKIN didn’t shy away from using these bright hues, see NEON NITE & THE CLUB NEON, in their soon to be launched gym wear group. In addition to their ever-increasing line of neon sportswear choices, the new neon sports group has hints of a throwback 80’s aerobic session complete with hip thrusting and sweaty workouts in mind. But denim is always on the minds at RUFSKIN so their loungewear slash sportswear capsule ILLUSION along with our ALEC & CALIFORNIA COOL stories, trick the eyes with a sublimated sun-soaked design version using absurdly soft microfiber in place of actual denim so one can stretch and breath freely when binge-watching a favorite streaming channel in the lotus position. Keeping in mind that RUFSKIN’Schief direction is their true fit denim jeans. From stretch to premium cotton twills, their blueprint is always standard…a well-designed aesthetic that centers around complementing the body in all the places we need them to. In both the Hendrix and Matchstick, RUFSKIN’S long time staple pieces, are joined with updated boot cut hems in stretch cotton twill, matte black, and shiny gold “rubber” in ALEC, CLEAR & PRESENT RANGER, and DESERT GOLD. Staying close to home due to travel constraints, See SOFTSKIN and super soft rayon home wear from leggings to briefs, STUDIO RUFSKIN took advantage of their favorite locations to photograph this issue. From the RUFHOUSE STUDIO to the sunny and arid desert, RUFHOUSE 4’s extra-large issue is here to help usher in all of our year’s positive body goals..er… shopping resolutions for 2021. BELOW ARE A FEW IMAGES FROM BEHIND THE SCENES, A SELECTION OF SOME OF OUR FAVORITE IMAGES AND OUR 6 COVERS REPRESENTING EACH OF OUR PHOTO ESSAYS in order they appear in the magazine.

LOGAN ALAN SWIECKI-TAYLOR @lswieckitay leads the issue with images and styles from our stretchy rayon loungewear SOFTSKIN range. Photographed in a home setting was the inspiration with this series of images from RUFHOUSE because home is where we are all concentrating our attention too these days. But being home doesn't mean we have to jeopardize our feelings of looking sexy especially since we have all those digital and video connections that will be still be scrutinized no matter what one has on!.

RANGER MATT! Here comes sexy newcomer MATT DUBBE @mattdubbe pulling off our new RANGER twill pants and denim jeans in the arid desert wilderness of California.

HOT PAPA MARCUS! This photo series was not only fun to style but MARCUS RANDALLneeded no assistance transforming himself into a sexy classic rockstar. @m_iam wears ILLUSION lounge and underwear.

We cannot wait until we can night crawlin' back to the disco in these bright and flashy sportswear pieces from our NEON NITE SPORT story.

Then we meet Mr. Alec Duffey. @psychadalec posing in front of our infamous white wall at the RUFHOUSE STUDIOS in a cross section of RUF-ERIZED rubber styles and rayon underwear. Beyond his charming personality we aptly tagged this editorial perfectum corpus in latin because of his next to perfect body.

Then we again feature the sexy and stunning MARCUS RANDALL in or NEON SPORT line. We cannot get enough of the ultra bright neon hue here at RUFSKIN HQ and like to feature it throughout our collections.

DESERT GOLD was our finale story and with it came signature denim pieces and our new gold "vegas" style pants, RONCHO. This location too is a favorite of RUFHOUSE STUDIOS and we never tire using this background as a visual playground for our design inspirations.

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