April 14, 2021



In mid 2020, RUFSKIN owner/head designer Hubert Pouches proved that the flare leg is no longer a thing of the past with the release of the JUKA stretch denim jeans. During a time where working from home and chilling in comfy clothes more often than getting dressed up is the new norm for many, RUFSKIN introduces 2 of their most popular cuts, the slim-fit flare leg pant and the fitted low-chest tank top, to premium stretch rayon; The new additions to the SOFTSKIN group. Obviously a play on words, and the perfect name for RUFSKIN’s loungewear group, the fabric is luxe, extra soft and naturally drapes along the contour of your body. While worn together, LUCIEN is the “Bonnie” to LAURENT’s “Clyde”, harnessing a look inspired by RUFSKIN’s early denim days, circa 2002, with a hint of dancer-style.


LAURENT’s snug fit at the hips and rear, along with the flare leg produce a stunning 360º silhouette. LUCIEN’s low-cut chest sits right at the bottoms of the pecs, framing your chest and highlighting muscle definition. The stretch rayon preserves the most lucid colors, embezzling desert-like tones, pure optic white, and jet black. Containing high stretch, shape retention, and breathability, these pieces, along with the rest of the SOFTSKIN group, achieve an exhilarating balance of comfort. So as the world slowly returns to “normal”, we don’t need any more drama, throw on “Spa Radio”, chill out, and let it drape. #softskin


The SOFTSKIN group is available directly atwww.rufskin.com, at the RUFSKIN Flagship Store in San Diego, California and select retail partners worldwide.


This photo series was photographed in the WONDERVALLEY area of 29 Palms, CA. Smack dab in the arid Mojave Desert at the RANCHO POLARA estate of Matthew Reader. Featuring Logan Alan Swiecki-Taylor @lswieckitay and Nicholas Wright @nicholas_all and photographed by @hubertrufskin.

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