Just launched swimwear 2019! MUCHOCALIFORNIA

March 23, 2020

WHAT THE HECK DOES MUCHOCALIFORNIA MEAN? It's what we are calling our new swim groups because we continue to manufacture in California + we photographed our new catalog in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Below is a review of the swim collection written by the designer and photographer, Hubert Pouches.
“Let it shine!” Each year we can’t wait to get into our swimwear. MUCHOCALIFORNIA SWIM is our latest, and it is a big one!  First of all, why wait?
Summer or not, beach or pool and even the bedroom, why wait? Well, we didn’t! And we went big too! From engineered prints to shiny solids, from shamelessly sexy to proudly “pink AF”, there’s nothing missing in this year’s swimwear capsule. So where do we start?