Ruffin’ huge sale event thing.


If you happen to be in the Greater San Diego area this Thursday July 17th then we would love to see you at our huge in store event from 5pm to 9pm. Besides everything in the store being discounted 15%, we will also have one of a kind and original samples for sale up to 50% off. Get here early so you can rummage through all the good stuff. See you Thursday and no fighting!!! hehehehe

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Vintage Fridays…it’s that time.

IMG_9256IMG_0055 IMG_9826 IMG_1138 IMG_0727 IMG_0838 IMG_9193 It’s Friiiiiiday!! We get to post images from the past and we found these ones of models LOGAN and SHAWN photographed at the RUFHOUSE in Rancho Mirage, California last year. You can get some of these looks on our RUFRACK on our site.

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Heels Over Head

Our LEIF tights are now available in new colorways that you’ll flip over. Shop:

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PIX – elated.

PIX JULY bck RUF AD page PIX JULYcenterfoldPIX JULY cover1 SD PIX Magazine, a local entertainment and event mag, and one STUDIO RUFSKIN collaborates with on occasion, chose DIONESIO to be this month’s cover boy. DIO is wearing an athletic sport brief, RELAY and our EDGE dyed stretch jeans. Our RUFROD sunga is straddling a MARTONE Bicycle.

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PONTI sublimpost Happy Monday post a big holiday weekend here in the USA. We love Mondays don’t we? Our PONTI continues to be one of the more popular swimsuits ( sungas ) we created for Spring and Summer this year and created this illustration to showcase Hubert’s thought process involved in this suit. More swim options available HERE.

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