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Nothing starts a Monday morning like great ideas! In the photo below; since it is a denim jacket and we love unusual ideas ( especially when it comes to living green plants) this art installation labeled Underground by Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry is totallty unique and just had to post it!

DAVID VANCE sent us this awesome photo of a model in motion wearing our CHARLY stretch denim jeans. Sexy back! The LOOK swimsuit. Sexy model DIONISIO in a beach spread by RICK DAY wearing the denim MUSTANG denim shorts. Made in Brazil….Rick Day sent us this charming image of a pair of Brazilian twins and our FLUO neon briefs. The FLUO via Rick Day and an awesome and comfortable looking sweatshirt. We love this sexy image of the STEPH sheer brief and the OMBRO shoulder harness via THOMAS SYNNAMON

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